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25 Feb 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Short thought on sport: The curse of the precocious athlete

I’m back! Apologies for going AWOL over the last two weeks, but hopefully you’ll understand the reason – I was in Europe, between London and Lausanne, at the CAS proceedings where Caster Semenya was challenging the IAAF’s hyperandrogenism regulation. It was an insanely stimulating, challenging, fascinating and enjoyable two weeks, and I hope at some […]

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4-bullet Friday: More on the age-elite athlete thing, you all rock, plus “My most interesting” links for you

Real quick-fire today, with some links and things I found interesting this week: On Wednesday, I wrote a short thought on whether the conventional wisdom around how elite athletes “expire” and fade with age may be outdated. Seems to me that we hear a lot more about older athletes succeeding, and even dominating, than before. […]

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The aging of elite performance: “Geriatric champions” and have the rules for getting older changed?

Yesterday, I was sent this link. It says that Dwain Chambers, he of THG and a doping ban in 2004 (!), is making a comeback, hoping to qualify for Team GB at the European Indoor Championships. At the age of 40. Well, almost 41. My first thought was “Of course he is”, and then upon […]

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05 Feb 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Carl Foster on Sport Science: Progress, Hubris, and Humility

This is an extract from an editorial written by one of the great exercise physiology researchers, Carl Foster, in the most recent International Journal of Sports Performance and Physiology: There’s a lot to that highlighted sentence alone. For one thing, it raises the main reason why I find the marginal gains PR so patronizing and […]

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