August, 2019  // Posts published in August, 2019

Head injury risk in rugby: U20 World Champs case study

Last week I described, in detail, the evidence and process that has led to World Rugby's High Tackle Framework and clampdown on high tackles. This time, I walk you through the case study of the recent U20s to illustrate the important concepts for risk identification.

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Protecting the rugby player’s head – the paradox of tackler height and head injury

A look at the World Rugby concussion prevention approach that involves sanctions for dangerous high tackles to protect both players. I explain the rationale behind the strategy, the data and the desired outcomes.

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Guest article: Prof Erik Boye on the bias in power in anti-doping

This is a guest post by Norweigian scientist Erik Boye, in which he raises concerns about the imbalance in power in antidoping and how it erodes confidence in the antidoping system

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