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15 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

The Curious Case of Dr Freeman and the Testogel, and Conspiracy Contortionism in denial of fire

I wonder when we reached the point where the person who views Team Sky’s unprecedented success through deeply skeptical eyes is the one who is closer to looking at the more plausible explanation? The point where a person attempting to rationalize the never-ending drip feed of deceit and lies is the one who has to […]

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14 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

WADA, Russian doping, ‘realpolitik’ and the ignored voice of athletes

So here’s a funny little anecdote to kick off today’s Short Thought on Sport. Last year in November, I was in London for the World Rugby Annual Medical and Scientific Conference. We stay at a place called The Lensbury in Teddington, and they have, as far as “hotel” gyms go, a pretty reasonable one. Couple […]

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11 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fittest of them all?

For the weekend, an easier, less weighty topic of discussion… Here’s a question, one that might stimulate debate over a beer or a glass of wine this weekend (and really, I recommend having a few before entering a discussion, because it’s that sort of debate): Who is the fittest ‘athlete’ in the world? Your task: […]

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10 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Concussion rates in rugby: Rates down, now pull on ONE rope, all together

Today’s short thought is not that short. It was inspired by a handful of emails and WhatsApp conversations I had with various colleagues and friends yesterday. I basically took what I had said in those and turned it into an article on Concussion risk decreasing in England’s professional rugby competition, and what that might mean. […]

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09 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Twitter: A vacuum of intellectual depth

Twitter is a vacuum of intellectual depth. Not for the reasons you probably think of first. Yeah, there are many screaming clueless voices there. That’s OK. It’s the reason some people SHOULD be there, not a reason to avoid it. I mean something different. Maybe vacuum is the wrong word. Too strong. Maybe it’s more […]

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