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Four bullet Friday: World XC, the IAAF’s uneasy distance relationship, and pain for performance

It’s been a while since I did a four-bullet Friday – too much travel, too many court cases and meetings! But here goes, four quick-fire thoughts to usher in the weekend! Something I missed over the course of my frantic last few weeks was the IAAF’s decision to scrap the 5,000m and 10,000m events from […]

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Four bullet Friday: Doping raids, van Niekerk’s comeback and other short thoughts

Quick fire thoughts this Friday morning…! If you missed it, there is a potentially big anti-doping story from the Nordic Skiing Championships in Austria, where a collaboration between German and Austrian police resulted in a number of raids, nine arrests and some video footage of an Austrian X-country skier sitting with a needle in his […]

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4-bullet Friday: More on the age-elite athlete thing, you all rock, plus “My most interesting” links for you

Real quick-fire today, with some links and things I found interesting this week: On Wednesday, I wrote a short thought on whether the conventional wisdom around how elite athletes “expire” and fade with age may be outdated. Seems to me that we hear a lot more about older athletes succeeding, and even dominating, than before. […]

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Looking back at the week: Pat Lambie’s concussion-retirement, and introducing “My most interesting” links you may like

Ok so let’s recap the week, and some stuff I missed. It was a busy one, so I didn’t write much, but what I did do was: I did a talk for Arsenal Football club’s HP team, and spoke about the role of sports science in the elite environment. I think sports science has under-delivered, […]

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