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26 Mar 2011 Posted in Cricket/High performance management

Pressure points and performance: Choking and panic

Cricket is not a sport that we’ve done a great deal of analysis of here on The Science of Sport. The irony is that the very first post we ever did, way back in April 2007, was the day of Cricket World Cup Final, which is currently on again in India. That post, and maybe […]

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03 Oct 2007 Posted in Cricket

Cricket – Twenty20 “fallout”

The Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is now a thing of the past, seeming to have departed as quickly as it came, and as rapidly as a ball off Yuvraj’s bat over a mid-wicket boundary. The game continues to battle its way through the complexity of what this new and (potentially) improved version of the game […]

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17 Sep 2007 Posted in Cricket/US sports

Arena Football – Lessons for Twenty20?

Southern-hemisphere nations and other rugby lovers are probably familiar with American, sometimes called “Gridiron,” football. The National Football League (NFL) is a dominant entity in professional sports in the USA, and the league is a money-making behemoth for the cartel of team owners, the players, and even for a number of peripheral merchants and entrepreneurs […]

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14 Sep 2007 Posted in Cricket

Twenty20 Cricket – the debate continues

looking at the evolution of Twenty20 cricket provoked some interesting comments from readers. Some feel that the Twenty20 game is the only one worth watching, while others see no problem at all. So clearly, this issue is one that polarizes opinion. Some of those comments have been quite thought provoking and in this follow up […]

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12 Sep 2007 Posted in Cricket

Twenty20 Cricket – will it kill off “real” cricket?

It’s only been two days, but the Twenty20 Cricket tournament has almost surpassed the excitement levels achieved through the ENTIRE snooze-fest of the 50-over World Cup in the West Indies earlier this year. That tournament was beset by problems, ranging from poor attendances, off-field incidents, and let’s face it, boring cricket. Last night’s opening match […]

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