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2015 Genie: Three wishes for the year

Three wishes for 2015 - a doping focus on a sport other than cycling, more head-to-head competition, and less force-feeding of cherries and extreme science. None are likely true, but one can wish...

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17 Dec 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

Year in review: Sports website of the year

If you are a regular reader of this site, then you probably appreciate analysis and insight more than most.  At least, that’s what we try to provide.  You may be one of those people who watches sport with a more dispassionate eye, rather trying to understand why teams score, why space was created, why goals/tried […]

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12 Jul 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

It’s Spain!

Spain are the World Champions.  A tense, highly dramatic final in Johannesburg went all the way to the wire, through 90 minutes and very nearly through extra-time, but an Andreas Iniesta goal in the 116th minute gave Spain a well deserved win.   46 fouls (compared to only 16 in the equally competitive semi-final) and 13 […]

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12 Jul 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France/Football/Soccer

More feedback on football and cycling

I have too little energy (and time) for a proper, in-depth post, but as promised, analysis from last night’s World Cup final is now done, courtesy Zonal Marking. It’s another great analysis, from a site that has really increased my enjoyment of the tournament, and you can read it here.  I wish that all sports would […]

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09 Jul 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France/Football/Soccer

The World Cup Final and leTour 2010 hits the Alps

62 games down, 2 to go.  And the final game, on Sunday night, will see a first-time world champion crowned when either the Spanish or Dutch claim the World Cup. Gladiators in a Colosseum It will be an incredible match at an incredible venue.  I was fortunate enough to watch World Cup matches at Loftus […]

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05 Jul 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

Football analysis: Altitude and goal scoring

Amazing to think that we’re now done with 60 out of 64 matches, and by this time next week, the World Cup will have left South Africa.  It’s been a month-long celebration here in SA, and while the disruption to work and traffic and general life will be over, we’re bracing ourselves for the mother […]

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02 Jul 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

Football – the world’s most immoral sport

Tomorrow is the start of the Tour de France.  For the next three weeks, media coverage will comprise a mix of adulation and condemnation.   Adulation for the efforts of men who propel themselves over 3,000km of mountains, cobbles and windy flat roads in the world’s most demanding sporting event.  And condemnation because all the while, […]

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27 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

FIFA and goal-line technology

The Round of 16 has produced three great matches so far, and one highly controversial moment.  England v Germany was a fabulous match, end to end, and far more open than many might have expected, given the history of penalties between the sides.  In the end, Germany won handsomely, and for good reason – they […]

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23 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

2010 World Cup: South Africa, France & Nigeria

The 23rd of June was always going to be a significant day for South African sport, if not our history.  Either we would be waking up with the euphoria of having booked a place in the Second Round of the tournament, or we would know that we’d become the first host nation in history to […]

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