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12 Oct 2014 Posted in Chicago Marathon/Event analysis/Marathons

2014 Chicago Marathon Live

Live coverage of the 2014 Chicago Marathon - join me for splits and comment as the race unfolds

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07 Oct 2012 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago 2012: Live splits and thoughts

Live race coverage and splits from the 2012 Chicago Marathon

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10 Oct 2010 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon 2010: Live coverage

Sammy Wanjiru and Liliya Shobukhova have defended their Chicago Marathon titles, won the World Marathon Major titles, and delivered two contrasting victories in the Windy (and slightly warm) city today. Below is our “live post” (which is kind of edited after the fact, thanks to a few technical gremlins), and you can follow the splits […]

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Chicago Marathon 2010: Heat and performance

Just one day to go now before 10-10-10, as we continue our build up to Sunday.  Earlier this week we  in the marathon world, two of which occurred here in Chicago.  Today we are going to take a look back to the 2007 race, when unseasonably warm and humid conditions wreaked havoc on the race and […]

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04 Oct 2010 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon 2010 preview: Close finishes

This week begins the countdown to the 33rd Chicago Marathon, which is now just over five days away.  Even with Ryan Hall’s late withdraw from the field, it promises to be a competitive bunch with several athletes well capable of going under 2:06 with a few capable of sub-2:05.  But the real story is that […]

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11 Oct 2009 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago 2009 In-race splits

Below is a table with the kilometer splits (those we got) from today’s Chicago marathon, which saw Sammy Wanjiru win his fourth major marathon – Fukuoka, Beijing, London and now Chicago. His time? 2:05:41, one second inside the course record, so mission accomplished, at least from that point of view. The world record eluded him, […]

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15 Oct 2008 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon 2008

Apologies for the absence lately, it has been a hectic time at work and for other endeavors lately, but our deadlines have now passed and we can return to a more regular posting routine that we are accustomed to. Just in time, too, as the NYC Marathon is just over two weeks away, so watch […]

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12 Oct 2008 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago 2008: Race Report and splits

The 2008 Chicago Marathon champions are Evans Cheruiyot and Lidiya Grigoryeva. In two very different races, the Kenyan and Russian triumphed in times of 2:06:25 and 2:27:17, respectively. For Cheruiyot, it is the first major marathon win of a career that promises to deliver great performances. For Grigoryeva, it’s the latest in a series of […]

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Chicago Marathon 2007 death

In the last few weeks, we have run a series of posts investigating the events of the 30th Chicago Marathon, where record high temperatures caused the early cancellation of the race, amid record numbers of medical cases and emergencies. We , suggesting that blood pressure and unfamiliarity with the heat were more likely the cause […]

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