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02 Nov 2014 Posted in Marathons/New York Marathon

2014 New York Marathon: Live coverage

Live coverage, splits and thoughts from the 2014 New York Marathon

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03 Nov 2013 Posted in New York Marathon

2013 New York City Marathon: Live coverage

Live coverage of the 2013 New York City Marathon, including splits and thoughts as the race unfolds. Can Mutai defend his title, and will Kenya dominate the women's race?

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09 Nov 2010 Posted in New York Marathon

2010 ING New York City Marathon – Results

It was another great day of racing in a big city marathon as two “novice” winners were crowned today.  Gebre Gebrmariam (ETH) and Edna Kiplagat (KEN), stormed to victory today.  The conditions were nice, but New York never produces fast times, and true to form Gebrmariam won in 2:08:14 while Kiplagat ran a 2:28:40—the third […]

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02 Nov 2009 Posted in New York Marathon

NYC Marathon 2009 race report

By now you would have heard the news and probably read much about it—in both races in New York the runners did not play to the script and there were big upsets all around. For some fans change might be hard, but we welcome it as it means there was unpredictable events and it made […]

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01 Nov 2009 Posted in New York Marathon

New York 2009: Race analysis and splits

If you’ve come here for live splits, I’m afraid I have been beaten by technology this time around. Between the feed from Universal Sports breaking up on me every 2 seconds, and the hotel wireless access in Boston, I did not manage to even watch the race, let alone document the splits. Even now, 8 […]

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02 Nov 2008 Posted in New York Marathon

New York Marathon 2008 men analysis

It was a great finish in the men’s 2008 New York City Marathon, as Marilson Gomes dos Santos took his second title on the streets of New York, winning in 2:08:43. Until the final kilometer, however, the race was Abderrahim Goumri’s, as he opened up a nine second lead with 3km to go. But the […]

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02 Nov 2008 Posted in New York Marathon

New York Marathon 2008 women analysis

Paula Radcliffe is the undisputed number one marathon runner in the world, and so it should not be all that surprising to us when she shows up and pulls out a performance like she did in New York today. However, her “legacy” has been unfairly punctuated by one failure every four years – the Olympic […]

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NYC preview and heatstroke wrap-up

A look ahead at the New York City Marathon We’ve wrapped our heatstroke series now, thanks to everyone for questions, comments and stories. The series was quite technical, heavy on the calculations and concepts, but hopefully provided some food for thought, and the realization that heatstroke is not simply the result of exercising in hot […]

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04 Nov 2007 Posted in New York Marathon

2007 ING NYC Marathon

In this post, we bring you insights, split times and discussion of the ING New York City Marathon. We begin with the Women’s race, and discuss the Men’s race further down. Coming into today’s ING New York Marathon, there was possibly more focus on the women’s race than ever before, for two main reasons: Paula […]

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