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A short thought on sport: Evaluating Eliud. Is Kipchoge a next-gen 2:02 marathoner, or a mid-2:04 runner in a technologically superior shoe? Who knows?

Eliud Kipchoge is a physiological marvel. The Nike Vaporfly is a technological marvel. Both improve marathon performance. Except these statements can't both be true, and the implications for the integrity of running and how we evaluate performances, can't be ignored. This is an article on why that is.

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The pursuit of the sub-2 marathon: Where to next?

Where do we go next? Now that Eliud Kipchoge has taken us to the brink of a sub-2 hour marathon, have the boundaries of human endurance been recalibrated? Can we expect a 1:59 soon? Or did the Nike staged event simply move some of the boundaries aside? This piece looks at potential benefits, and asks whether we should expect to see a speeding up, or a slowing down, in the foreseeable future?

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Eliud Kipchoge 2:00:25

Eliud Kipchoge has run a marathon in 2:00:25, coming within sight of breaking the 2-hour barrier. How did he do it, and what might we expect in future? This post analyzes the splits, the tactics and the prospects for the 1:59:59 in the future.

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The sub-2 hour marathon attempt: The pacing strategy

The Nike-Breaking 2 attempt will happen in Monza this weekend. I don't think a sub-2 is possible, but what will be fascinating is to see a) how they go about pacing the attempt, and what happens if it starts to fall away; and b) what the collective advantage is of all the tactics employed. I predict 2:01:55 at best, a DNF is also a real possibility. More thoughts here.

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Ban the Nike Vaporfly & other carbon fiber devices for future performance credibility

Nike recently unveiled the Vaporfly Elite, the shoe it has been working on to help it break the 2-hour marathon barrier. The shoe incorporates a "spring plate", and is claimed to have significant performance implications. I think the shoe, and the incorporation of spring-like devices in all shoes, should be banned for future credibility of performance. Here's why

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2016 publications: From the armchair to the site, via these journals

Much of what you read here on this site is my attempt to translate the research I'm interested in, and which can be applied to the real world, in a way that makes it more "palatable" to you. This post, however, summarizes some of the "source" research, the scientific articles that I've had published in the last 12 months, for those wanting to see the academic side of the discussions we have.

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15 May 2014 Posted in Barefoot running/Running shoes

The Vibram lawsuit, barefoot running and science perspectives

Vibram Five Finger shoes were last week ordered to pay $3.75 million in a class action lawsuit settlement. What it means for the barefoot running movement, and some scientific insights

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01 Jun 2010 Posted in Barefoot running/Running shoes

Barefoot running – the safe neutral ground

Thanks to everyone for the lively discussion on the .  It certainly stimulated much more debate than I could keep up with, especially while travelling back from the UK. I know we’ve received many, many comments in response, and many readers don’t read those comments (though if you have some time, there are some good […]

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29 May 2010 Posted in Barefoot running/Running shoes

Barefoot running and injuries

About four months ago, we did a lengthy series on barefoot running, which began with  looking at how habitual barefoot runners’ mechanics different from shod runners’.  That was followed up by a , where we looked at the evidence for barefoot running as a means to prevent injury. In that , looking at the Harvard study, […]

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