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2016 publications: From the armchair to the site, via these journals

Much of what you read here on this site is my attempt to translate the research I'm interested in, and which can be applied to the real world, in a way that makes it more "palatable" to you. This post, however, summarizes some of the "source" research, the scientific articles that I've had published in the last 12 months, for those wanting to see the academic side of the discussions we have.

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01 Apr 2008 Posted in Running technique

Running technique: The Footstrike

I’ve finally gotten around to this post, which is probably two weeks in the making, and it follows on from our recent series on running shoes. That series began by looking at whether , and then evolved into a discussion of . Twenty years ago, it was all about motion-control shoes preventing overpronation to prevent […]

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01 Jan 2008 Posted in Running/Running technique/Series

Running technique

If you want to create a debate that can easily turn into an argument with a group of runners, then bringing up running technique is a good place to start! Naturally, every runner, regardless of level or experience, has experience and an opinion on the “perfect running technique”. What has contributed to this issue in […]

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14 Dec 2007 Posted in Physiology/Running technique/Series

Running Economy Part III

Today sees the third and concluding part of our series on Running Economy. It’s been a whistle stop tour of a complex subject. We have no doubt that we’ll be returning to the topic in time, because it has major implications for how we understand fatigue and performance, but for now, we stuck to the […]

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11 Dec 2007 Posted in Physiology/Running technique/Series

Running Economy Part II

Today sees Part II of our series on Running Economy. After spending the first two posts and discussing the , today we move onto some fundamental concepts of running economy – the physiology and biomechanics of running economy explained (partly, we hope!) I say “fundamental” with some caution, because the more one digs into this […]

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07 Dec 2007 Posted in Physiology/Running technique/Series

Running Economy Part I

we introduced a new series, Running Economy, inspired by this study, which was published just last week in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. It makes a great start to a series that we’ll build on next week, looking at the importance of running economy to performance. We must of course make the disclaimer that […]

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06 Dec 2007 Posted in Running technique/Series

Running Economy Introduction

Well, a provocative headline for sure, but that’s pretty much what a SCIENTIFIC study has suggested after measuring the oxygen consumption and running economy of the World Cross Country and Half Marathon champion recently! The study, published just the other day in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, and performed by Carl Foster and Alejandro […]

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30 Oct 2007 Posted in Running technique

Pose Running reduces running economy

About 4 weeks ago, we ran a , evaluating the Pose and Chi methods for running. In that series, we looked at: That was an epic series (to write and to read, no doubt!), but basically our conclusions were: Of course, there are people for whom Pose or Chi will definitely work, and we say […]

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28 Sep 2007 Posted in Running technique

Running techniques – the same as Medical Products?

Running techniques have been "packaged" and sold as products, not dissimilar to medicines. But they don't have the evidence, nor the safety guidelines that medicines do, so beware the advocates of wholesale changes and miracle cures! The post explains why

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