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28 Jul 2013 Posted in Oscar Pistorius

Alan Oliveira runs 10.57s. Leg length or something else?

Brazil's Alan Oliveira continued his record-breaking tear, explained., smashing the 100m WR and reigniting a debate about prosthetic limbs. Here's the science of the advantage

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22 Jul 2013 Posted in Oscar Pistorius

A double amputee will soon medal in able-bodied Olympics

Alan Oliveira is a double amputee breaking records. By big margins. He's asking the same questions Pistorius did. The answers are the same, but with increased urgency

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08 Sep 2012 Posted in Oscar Pistorius

Pistorius vs Oliveira and technology. 3 quick thoughts on Round 4


Further thoughts on the blade controversy, and why Pistorius-Oliveira illustrate what many knew would happen all along

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03 Sep 2012 Posted in Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius: Counting strides (as requested) and more thoughts

Oscar Pistorius has ironically accused a rival of having excessively long blades and strides. He's wrong, and the implications are crucial

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04 Aug 2012 Posted in London 2012/Oscar Pistorius

London 2012: Pistorius and unfair advantage

A presentation that summarizes and explains the history of the Pistorius debate, and why carbon fiber blades give an advantage

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15 Feb 2012 Posted in Doping in Cycling/Oscar Pistorius

Doping in cycling: Science, the law, and PR, and insights on Pistorius

I’ve finally emerged from the “bubbles” that were the trip up Kilimanjaro, which was followed almost immediately by a trip to the USA where I spent a week with the SA Sevens team for the IRB Series tournament in Las Vegas.  It was another harsh reminder that the best preparation and hardest work can sometimes […]

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29 Dec 2011 Posted in 2011/Oscar Pistorius

Science of Sport Awards: Controversy of the year, Oscar Pistorius

Controversy is never far from sport, and therefore the science of sport. Many of the controversies in recent years have been directly related to science – think Caster Semenya in 2009, doping in sport (every year), swimsuits and performance in 2008. 2011 didn’t produce a “new” controversy, but rather reruns of the same dramas we’ve […]

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24 Nov 2011 Posted in Oscar Pistorius/Talent vs training

Sports Science 2011: Talent vs training and Oscar P

So yesterday was Day 1 of the fantastic UKSEM conference in London. I gave a presentation on Sports Science in 2011, and that presentation is embedded in the post below. I am a terrible judge of my own presentations, so I’ll just say that mine went OK and hope that it did. I always know […]

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25 Aug 2011 Posted in Oscar Pistorius

Pistorius: the “12 sec advantage” and mechanical superiority

“We conclude that the moment in athletic history when engineered limbs outperform biological limbs has already passed” That was the concluding statement from the first of a series of back-and-forth articles that were published in the Journal of Applied Physiolgy in November 2009. It was written, remarkably, by two of the scientists who had in […]

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