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2014 Wrap Part 2: The science of sport review

In the second part of my 2014 Review series, I look at three of the sports science stories that made news - the sub-2 hour marathon, doping in the marathon & Justin Gatlin's great year

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2014 Wrap Part 1: Week by week musings

A look back at 2014, using my weekly "Times" newspaper column to cover some of the biggest sporting stories and their management and scientific implications.

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2013 Recap. And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all!

As 2013 draws to a close, let's look back on the highs and lows of 2013 here on the Science of Sport, with a look ahead to what 2014 might bring!

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27 Dec 2012 Posted in 2012

2012 Year in Review Sports Quiz

A look back on the year gone, in the form of a detailed sports quiz. If it happened, we've got it covered!

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02 Jan 2012 Posted in 2011

Science of Sport awards: Teams of the year – Kenya & Barcelona

Welcome to 2012!  It’s an Olympic year, the undoubted highlight of the year for us, but there are Tours, Marathons, meets and matches to cover and we are looking forward to the analysis, debate and discussion.  We hit our three millionth visitor on New Year’s Eve, and we’re hoping for another million this year!  Dollars, […]

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30 Dec 2011 Posted in 2011/Sports Science

Science of Sport awards: Sports science story of the year

Looking back on 2011, but through an academic lens, leaves the impossible task of trying to pick a research highlight. I guess in much the same way as your choice of a Sports Star of the Year would be influenced by your choice of sport (Messi, Djokovic, Cavendish or Wellington), the choice of most exciting […]

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29 Dec 2011 Posted in 2011

Science of Sport Awards: More controversies

Having earlier awarded “Controversy of the Year” to the Oscar Pistorius story, here are some other noteworthy controversies that affected sport in 2011. Caster Semenya – back on the stage Caster Semenya was undoubtedly the big controversy of 2009, when she won the 800m world title amid speculation and tests about her gender. 2010 was […]

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29 Dec 2011 Posted in 2011/Oscar Pistorius

Science of Sport Awards: Controversy of the year, Oscar Pistorius

Controversy is never far from sport, and therefore the science of sport. Many of the controversies in recent years have been directly related to science – think Caster Semenya in 2009, doping in sport (every year), swimsuits and performance in 2008. 2011 didn’t produce a “new” controversy, but rather reruns of the same dramas we’ve […]

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23 Dec 2011 Posted in 2011

Merry Christmas from The Science of Sport

Merry Christmas everyone To all our readers: Thank you so much for your support and readership over the course of the year.  Christmas is now only days away, and being the time for giving, it’s appropriate to give our thanks for all your comments, feedback, discussion and even criticisms! The Year in Review, aka Science […]

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