Cycling Physiology

The Tour in the mountains: Analysis & discussion

2012-07-09: The physiology of the mountain stages, and its implications for our understanding of the anti-doping…

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Tour 2011: Alp d’Huez, leaving the mountains and onto the TT

2011-07-23: The Tour de France is now only one day away from finally answering every question posed of it, and its riders, almost three weeks ago.…

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Tour de France 2011: The biological passport context

2011-07-18: Thank you all for the tremendous .  As usual, whatever doesn’t come out in the post is brilliantly debated in the comments and discussion afterwards,…

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Video post: The Power output in the mountains of the Tour de France 2011

2011-07-05: Below is a short video (9:42) where I talk you through the power outputs that are required of the world’s best cyclists when the roads…

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Percentage of blood samples measured in professional cycling that had UNUSUAL reticulocyte percentages. Source: Zorzoli & Rossi, 2010

Evidence that the Biological Passport is effective, summary version

2011-03-21: The Biological Passport system has been criticized for being ineffective in the fight against doping. However, this is only when judged according to how many…

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Cycling performance: What is possible?

2010-07-01: Yesterday I posted on the upcoming Tour de France, and made mention of a topic that I feel is: Really interesting as a means to…

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Success at cycling in the mountains

2007-07-28: I guess the title of this post is hypothetical, because from the developments over the last week and a half, it seems that prerequisite number…

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How to feed a cyclist

2007-07-18: Roll on more tour posts! Following the pre-Stage 15 prediction, we will keep the posts coming as thick and fast as the attacks we have…

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