Doping in Cycling

The effect of EPO on performance

2007-11-07: It’s been a busy time for running posts here at the Science of Sport, with first the , the and then the dominating our recent…

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Success at cycling in the mountains

2007-07-28: I guess the title of this post is hypothetical, because from the developments over the last week and a half, it seems that prerequisite number…

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“You can trust me”

2007-06-26: These are radical times for the Tour de France and professional cycling. Michael Rasmussen, the wearer of the yellow jersey, celebrated yesterday for a great…

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A culture of doping in cycling?

2007-06-24: Yesterday (23 June), I wrote two posts about the ominous shadow of doping in cycling, with the Tour de France coming up. In , I…

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The shadow of drugs over the Tour de France

2007-06-23: The 2007 Tour de France begins in about 2 weeks from today, and yet again, an ominous shadow is looming over the race and the…

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Doping – Could it be any worse?

2007-06-11: On the back of the recent doping news, namely Operation Raw Deal and the fact that Michael Rasmussen returned a “non-negative” test from this year’s…

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