Coyle continued

2008-09-19: Well, the discussion around the study published by Coyle on Lance Armstrong, and the subsequent revelation that he had made a calculation error has opened…

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Coyle-Armstrong research installment 2

2008-09-18: Apologies for the gap between posts – I wanted to spend more time on this particular piece to make sure that I captured what is…

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Coyle and Armstrong: Research “errors” evaluation

2008-09-15: As promised, we turn our attention to this story, which broke last week, coinciding with the news that Lance Armstrong is coming out of retirement…

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Tour de France 2008: Alp d’Huez

2008-07-24: Fascinating day’s racing in the Tour de France yesterday, as the riders tackled what is arguably the race’s toughest day – 209km including three out…

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Real Tour de France data

2008-07-09: Over the last few days, we’ve been covering the “on-road” action from the first week of the Tour de France. Immediately below this post, you…

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le Tour de France 2008: Feed them well

2008-07-08: The 2008 edition of le grande boucle, as it is affectionately known, is now fully underway, and so far each stage has been quite exciting.…

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Tour de France 2008

2008-07-02: The Tour de France begins on Saturday. And while I wish that I could be as optimistic and excited about it as I was perhaps…

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The effect of EPO on performance

2007-11-07: It’s been a busy time for running posts here at the Science of Sport, with first the , the and then the dominating our recent…

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Le Tour de France 2007

2007-07-30: This year the tour lived up to is ability to produce shocking “results” and newsworthy stories on top of some incredible racing, both on the…

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