Success at cycling in the mountains

2007-07-28: I guess the title of this post is hypothetical, because from the developments over the last week and a half, it seems that prerequisite number…

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How safe is cycling – An Epidemiologist’s Perspective

2007-07-27: With North American summer in full swing and the cycling season at its peak with Le Tour finishing up, we thought we would stay focused…

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The most exciting tour in years?

2007-07-26: In case you have not heard by now, two more riders have been ejected from the tour, which is quickly becoming the most exciting in…

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“From Lance to Landis: Inside the American Doping Controversy at the Tour de France.” by David Walsh (2007)

From “Lance to Landis” – Book Review

2007-07-24: In keeping with the format of any good sporting website/blog, from time to time we will review books that we feel our audience might find…

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How to feed a cyclist

2007-07-18: Roll on more tour posts! Following the pre-Stage 15 prediction, we will keep the posts coming as thick and fast as the attacks we have…

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rasmussen 2007 tour

The Tour de France 2007: midway science overview

2007-07-18: Ok, so it’s not entirely mid-way, but I thought that with the current ‘lull’ in proceedings between the Alps, which ended yesterday, and the first…

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“You can trust me”

2007-06-26: These are radical times for the Tour de France and professional cycling. Michael Rasmussen, the wearer of the yellow jersey, celebrated yesterday for a great…

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A culture of doping in cycling?

2007-06-24: Yesterday (23 June), I wrote two posts about the ominous shadow of doping in cycling, with the Tour de France coming up. In , I…

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Drugs work – but by how much?

2007-06-24: Performance enhancing substances – do they work? And by how much? It’s a relevant question, and I thought it would be good to have a…

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