The profile of a sprint: What does it take to win a sprint stage?

2016-07-04: The 2016 Tour de France is three stages down, and it's 3 to the sprinters. This article, a republish from 2014, looks at the…

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Eight quick thoughts on the Froome data

2015-12-04: Chris Froome's data, or the first part thereof, was published in Esquire yesterday evening. Some thoughts on what it says, means, and what may…

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Froome’s scenarios: The data, dilemmas and dark side of the moon

2015-12-03: Chris Froome's data is due to be released tomorrow. Here are my thoughts on what it shows, what it can't show, the testers, the…

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Great power, great responsibility. Less power, greater speeds

2015-07-22: "With great power comes great responsibility", quoted Sky as they released Froome's power data from the Pyrenees. Only problem is that with less power than…

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Comparative and longitudinal physiology

2015-07-21: There's been much talk of how physiological data - a VO2max - would validate or refute cycling performance. The reality is, as usual, a…

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Semi-transparency, smoke, mirrors and an illustrative case

2015-07-21: As rest day #2 of the Tour arrives, more and more talk of transparency, with a vague commitment of average cadence from a stage from…

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Neanderthals, aliens, performance data & context

2015-07-18: A neanderthal took to urine throwing in the Tour. Patriotism sure does inspire stupid actions sometimes. The preoccupation with the performance and physiological data inspires…

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Close your eyes really tightly

2015-07-15: I gave an interview to Off the Ball radio today. Here's that interview, plus some extra thoughts on…

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Day 1 in the mountains: One more pixel, context & mistrust

2015-07-14: Chris Froome produced a dominant display to win the first mountain finish of the 2015 Tour de France. As always, doubts exist around the…

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