2009 Tour de France

Tour de France 2009: Power estimates

2009-07-14: The Tour is currently winding its way through France, in what is another pretty sedate and routine stage so far. It’s looking like a sprinter’s…

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Tour 2009 wrap: Winners and losers

2009-07-27: In attempt to alleviate my own withdrawal symptoms now that the Tour is over, I thought I’d do a somewhat tongue in cheek review of…

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Tour 2009 rolls to an end

2009-07-26: The 2009 Tour de France sprinted its way to an end today, and as was expected from about a week and a half ago, it…

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Tour de France 2009: Contador VO2max

2009-07-24: I came across this interesting piece on Cyclingnews this morning. It caught my eye because it’s an extension of a . In the article, Antoine Vayer calculates that…

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Tour de France 2009: Time-trial analysis

2009-07-23: Alberto Contador showed in the Alps that he is the best climber in the Tour (regardless of what the polka dot jersey says), and today,…

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Tour 2009: Alps recap

2009-07-23: I must apologize for the absence of posts in the last few days – work has simply demanded too much time squeeze out anything other…

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Tour 2009: Contador climb

2009-07-20: Well, the response to the post yesterday describing Contador’s climb has been overwhelming – being in SA, I slept through most of your emails and…

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Tour 2009: Contador takes yellow

2009-07-19: Alberto Contador rode himself into the yellow jersey by dominating the mountain-top finish in Verbier today. An attack by the Spaniard with 5.5 km to go…

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Tour 2009: Waiting for the Alps

2009-07-16: The Tour has ticked over (as much as ‘ticking over’ happens when you ride 200 km a day in a bike race), and we’re now…

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