Pressure points and performance: Choking and panic

2011-03-26: Cricket is not a sport that we’ve done a great deal of analysis of here on The Science of Sport. The irony is that the…

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Cricket – Twenty20 “fallout”

2007-10-03: The Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is now a thing of the past, seeming to have departed as quickly as it came, and as rapidly as…

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Arena Football – Lessons for Twenty20?

2007-09-17: Southern-hemisphere nations and other rugby lovers are probably familiar with American, sometimes called “Gridiron,” football. The National Football League (NFL) is a dominant entity in…

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Twenty20 Cricket – the debate continues

2007-09-14: looking at the evolution of Twenty20 cricket provoked some interesting comments from readers. Some feel that the Twenty20 game is the only one worth watching,…

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Twenty20 Cricket – will it kill off “real” cricket?

2007-09-12: It’s only been two days, but the Twenty20 Cricket tournament has almost surpassed the excitement levels achieved through the ENTIRE snooze-fest of the 50-over World…

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