FIFA 2010 World Cup: Goals and tactics

2010-06-23: We’re now into the final round of matches in the group stages of the 2010 World Cup, and the number of goals being scored has…

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Altitude: Arriving and adapting

2010-06-21: In the last few posts, I’ve been looking at the .  It’s an impact that extends beyond the simple “less oxygen” argument, because there are…

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Altitude performance implications

2010-06-17: Yesterday I did a  on performance at the 2010 Football World Cup.  What I didn’t do in that altitude post is discuss how the altitude…

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Football 2010: Impact of altitude

2010-06-16: In our last few posts, we’ve looked at the , the activity demands of a match, and also the , which is vitally important, particularly in…

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Football and fatigue discovered

2010-06-14: A few days ago, I posted on the physiological demand of playing football, and what exactly goes into a 90-minute match.  To refresh your memories,…

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The FIFA 2010 WC: A Geography lesson

2010-06-13: No scientific post today – I’ll follow up  with a post on fatigue and performance tomorrow.  But for today, here is something on the lighter…

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Physiology of football: profile of the game

2010-06-12: A football result is determined by the interaction of too many factors to even quantify (this is why coaches are paid big money – their…

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FIFA 2010 World Cup: Introducing the Science of Football

2010-06-07: There are so many sub-plots around the 2010 World Cup that we could just as well have started a website dedicated to them!  For the…

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