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Kayaking wrap from Poznan

2010-08-25: The 2010 ICF Sprint World championships in Poznan are now over, and the focus now shifts to Olympic qualification next year, and then hopefully onto…

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Delays and canoe sprint world champs from Poland

2010-08-21: Well, it’s been a long time between posts, please accept my apologies.  I will blame: burn-out (leading to writer’s block!) after the Tour de France…

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It’s Spain!

2010-07-12: Spain are the World Champions.  A tense, highly dramatic final in Johannesburg went all the way to the wire, through 90 minutes and very nearly…

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More feedback on football and cycling

2010-07-12: I have too little energy (and time) for a proper, in-depth post, but as promised, analysis from last night’s World Cup final is now done,…

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The World Cup Final and leTour 2010 hits the Alps

2010-07-09: 62 games down, 2 to go.  And the final game, on Sunday night, will see a first-time world champion crowned when either the Spanish or…

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Football analysis: Altitude and goal scoring

2010-07-05: Amazing to think that we’re now done with 60 out of 64 matches, and by this time next week, the World Cup will have left…

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Football – the world’s most immoral sport

2010-07-02: Tomorrow is the start of the Tour de France.  For the next three weeks, media coverage will comprise a mix of adulation and condemnation.   Adulation…

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FIFA and goal-line technology

2010-06-27: The Round of 16 has produced three great matches so far, and one highly controversial moment.  England v Germany was a fabulous match, end to…

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Isner vs Mahut finally ends at 70-68

2010-06-25: It’s been over 24 hours since the longest game in history finally ended.  At one point, it seemed that we might still be playing into…

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