2016 publications: From the armchair to the site, via these journals

2016-10-18: Much of what you read here on this site is my attempt to translate the research I'm interested in, and which can be applied to…

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Banning the tackle in rugby: A lesson in A vs Z

2016-03-03: A group of 70 academics and doctors proposed this week that tackling should be banned for children playing rugby. Would this work? Is…

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2015 Genie: Three wishes for the year

2015-01-03: Three wishes for 2015 - a doping focus on a sport other than cycling, more head-to-head competition, and less force-feeding of cherries and extreme science.…

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Rugby World Cup: The ref debate

2011-10-23: It’s been a long time between posts – busy work periods, lack of inspiration, lack of news stories (well, that’s not entirely true!), but pick…

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Edinburgh: The final 3 minutes

2011-05-31: It’s here to stay, people, so enjoy it. We have embedded this from Universal Sports, whose coverage of rugby is actually very good—so readers in…

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Two doping cases: Exonerated vs punished. Fair or foul?

2011-02-04: Yesterday, a reader sent me a link for an article from the Telegraph newspaper, titled “Rugby Union players are exonerated while cyclists take the blame.  How is…

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The Science of Rugby

2010-04-22: We’re building up to the big London Marathon weekend, which has thankfully come one week after the Iceland Volcano and so most of the big…

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Easter Weekend musings

2009-04-10: If it’s Easter weekend, then it must be the Two Oceans Marathon. For those not in the know, the Two Oceans Marathon is one of…

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Back online!

2009-04-01: March madness ends, and we’re back on track in Hong Kong I’m back! Yes, I know it’s April Fool’s Day and you are probably reading…

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