2015 Genie: Three wishes for the year

2015-01-03: Three wishes for 2015 - a doping focus on a sport other than cycling, more head-to-head competition, and less force-feeding of cherries and extreme science.…

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Melting in Melbourne: Thoughts on the heat

2014-01-16: Heat-induced collapses, retirements and capitulations finally forced Australian Open organizers to suspend play on Day 4 due to extreme heat. Amidst allegations of inhumane…

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Isner vs Mahut finally ends at 70-68

2010-06-25: It’s been over 24 hours since the longest game in history finally ended.  At one point, it seemed that we might still be playing into…

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Mahut v Isner, 59-59: An epic for the ages

2010-06-24: Update:  The marathon match finally ended, the USA’s John Isner claiming an extra-ordinary 70-68 victory in the fifth and final set.  Below is a post…

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Sports news – athletics and tennis

2008-01-28: Just a quick filler news article today, to comment on some very interesting sports performances from the past weekend. First, we look at some results…

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Roger vs Rafa: A lesson in application

2007-06-11: A lot has no doubt been written about Rafael Nadal’s third consecutive French Open title yesterday, made all the more significant by the fact that…

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