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The aging of elite performance: “Geriatric champions” and have the rules for getting older changed?

2019-02-06: Yesterday, I was sent this link. It says that Dwain Chambers, he of THG and a doping ban in 2004 (!), is making a comeback,…

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Talent ID & Development: IAAF Level 5 and USATF Level 3 lectures

2016-12-08: I’ve spent the last week, a very stimulating one, at the IMG Academy in Brandenton Florida, where I’ve lectured on the IAAF Level 5 and…

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Doping news and insights

2010-01-13: Tomorrow I will begin the first major series of 2010 – Exercise and Weight loss, which is mainly in response to Time Magazine’s article last year, which…

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Doping, management and inquisitions

2009-02-10: It’s been a pretty controversial last 48 hours for US sport, with the revelations that Alex Rodriguez, the owner of baseball’s richest ever contract ($275 million…

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The Mitchell Report at a glance

2007-12-17: Former Senate majority leader George Mitchell’s report on drug use in baseball was released on Friday afternoon, and sent the pundits and talking heads venting…

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Mitchell Report due today

2007-12-13: Eighteen months ago, former US Senator George Mitchell launched a probe into steroid use in baseball. The probe is the result of an unprecedented shake-up…

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Arena Football – Lessons for Twenty20?

2007-09-17: Southern-hemisphere nations and other rugby lovers are probably familiar with American, sometimes called “Gridiron,” football. The National Football League (NFL) is a dominant entity in…

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Bonds breaks the record, but for how long?

2007-08-08: After all the hype, all the pressure, and all the steroids, Barry Bonds finally surpassed Hank Aaron as the all-time home run leader in Major…

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Correction: Baseball’s most current drug testing penalties

2007-08-05: Recently in a post about quest to break the home run record, we listed the schedule of penalties for baseball’s drug testing policy. However, it…

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