African running

The rise of Kenya

2014-03-07: The marathon has seen an extra-ordinary explosion in quality and quantity over the last 20 years. Its epicenter is Kenya. I look at…

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The Kenyan success genetic controversy

2013-04-13: Is Kenya's distance running success genetic or environmental? The polarization of this question and debate is an oversimplification. We look at the complex interaction,…

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The Kenyan advantage: Is it calf elasticity?

2013-01-15: Recent research suggests that calf elasticity is the source of Kenya's running advantage. The truth is a little more…

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Sammy Wanjiru: November 10, 1986 – May 16, 2011

2011-05-17: Sad day for running and runners everywhere While watching the Chicago Bulls dismantle the Miami Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, I received the…

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Analysis of Bolt’s 9.58 WR

2009-08-17: As promised, as soon as the results and split times from Bolt’s unbelievable 9.58s performance were available, we’d be analysing them Turns out they became…

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Usain Bolt 9.58s!!!!

2009-08-16: 9.58s 9.58s 9.58s If you’re looking for analysis of Usain Bolt’s magnificent 9.58s WR last night, you’re in the right place. , including Bolt’s splits, speeds and…

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Usain Bolt 9.55s? Yeah, right

2008-09-12: Yesterday, the news wires were buzzing with the news that scientists in Oslo predicted that Usain Bolt, Jamaica’s triple Olympic champ, would have run 9.55…

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Fastest man in the world?

2008-06-26: It’s seems an age ago, but it has only been just over three weeks since . He was duly dubbed the “fastest man in the…

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World 100m Record broken

2008-06-01: The world has a new “fastest man” – the king is dead (for now), long live the new king, Usain Bolt of Jamaica. Bolt last…

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