Berlin Marathon

Is the sub-2 hour marathon imminent? Don’t hold your breath, and here’s why

2013-10-10: Wilson Kipsang's marathon world record has triggered the usual debates about the sub-2 hour marathon being imminent. Here's why this talk is, for now, unrealistic…

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Analysis of Wilson Kipsang’s marathon world record: Pacing and splits

2013-10-10: Wilson Kipsang's 2:03:23 is the talk of the marathon world. I analyse the pacing, the splits and the potential for future…

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Berlin Marathon 2013: Live splits and analysis

2013-10-10: The 2013 Berlin Marathon promised much, and delivered a world record to Wilson Kipsang. This is my live analysis of the race, as it…

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Geoffrey Mutai: 2:04:15, misses WR

2012-09-30: Geoffrey won the Berlin Marathon, but missed the world record in a peculiar race to kick off the Fall…

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Berlin 2011: Inside Makau’s 2:03:38 World Record

2011-09-25: Patrick Makau has broken Haile Gebrselassie’s 3-year old world record with a sensational run in Berlin, clocking 2:03:38.  You can , but below is a more detailed…

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Berlin Marathon 2011: Live

2011-09-25: He raced to a 2:03:38 on the streets of Berlin, breaking Gebrselassie’s world record by 21 seconds.  It was a terrible day for the Ethiopian…

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Berlin 2010 Marathon splits live

2010-09-26: The 2010 Real Berlin Marathon produced a great men’s race, and a dominant women’s performance to kick off the fall marathon season. Men’s race –…

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2010 Real Berlin Marathon and 5th Ave Mile

2010-09-26: We are sorry to say we missed doing a preview for this year’s Berlin Marathon, but personal and work commitments have silenced us recently.  Ross’s…

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2008 Berlin Marathon

2008-09-25: This Sunday sees the first of the Autumn marathons, and it’s a big one, with Haile Gebrselassie making a big effort on his own, 1-year…

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