Boston Marathon

Boston Wrap and looking to the Fall

2011-04-21: boston First off, thank you so much for your great comments to the  on Mutai’s amazing 2:03:02. The reaction has been overwhelming – the comments…

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A 2:03:02. 3 to 4 min? What effect did the wind have?

2011-04-19: I don’t know the answer to that question. Let me say that right upfront. It’s insoluble. But it’s too intriguing not to ask, and attempt…

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Boston 2011 Live!

2011-04-18: Geoffrey Mutai has won the 2011 Boston Marathon, in the incredible time of 2:03:01. No, it’s not a world record. It’s not recognized because the…

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Merga takes consolation prize in Boston 2010

2010-04-22: Like everyone else, our eyes are now on London this weekend, however we are still reminiscing about the amazing races in Boston on Monday.  In…

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Boston 2010 thoughts and insights

2010-04-19: In case you missed it, check out our live coverage of the 2010 Boston Marathon from earlier today. The men’s race The two races were,…

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2010 Boston Marathon live splits and comments

2010-04-19: Welcome to The Science of Sport’s live coverage of the 2010 Boston Marathon! The table below shows the splits, recorded as the race unfolded.  Trust me, they…

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Boston 2009 Live splits and race coverage

2009-04-20: Men’s race The 113th Boston marathon has just finished. And it produced two VERY different races – for the men, a super fast start and race of…

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Build-up to Boston 2009: Women’s race preview

2009-04-16: Tune returns to face a cluster of challengers in Boston’s women’s race , or at least, a run through of last year’s race and a…

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Build-up to Boston 2009: Men’s race preview

2009-04-15: Building up to Boston Well, as promised yesterday, we begin with a build-up to Monday’s Boston Marathon, which should be a great RACE this year,…

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