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2013 Recap. And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all!

2013-12-24: As 2013 draws to a close, let's look back on the highs and lows of 2013 here on the Science of Sport, with a look…

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2013 New York City Marathon: Live coverage

2013-11-03: Live coverage of the 2013 New York City Marathon, including splits and thoughts as the race unfolds. Can Mutai defend his title, and will Kenya…

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Is the sub-2 hour marathon imminent? Don’t hold your breath, and here’s why

2013-10-10: Wilson Kipsang's marathon world record has triggered the usual debates about the sub-2 hour marathon being imminent. Here's why this talk is, for now, unrealistic…

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Analysis of Wilson Kipsang’s marathon world record: Pacing and splits

2013-10-10: Wilson Kipsang's 2:03:23 is the talk of the marathon world. I analyse the pacing, the splits and the potential for future…

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Berlin Marathon 2013: Live splits and analysis

2013-10-10: The 2013 Berlin Marathon promised much, and delivered a world record to Wilson Kipsang. This is my live analysis of the race, as it…

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Bolt vs Farah over 600m. The extremes meet, who wins?

2013-08-06: Usain Bolt vs Mo Farah is a match race between the two great athletes at opposite ends of the extreme. Who wins, and the…

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A house of cards? Sprinting crisis as Gay, Powell and more Jamaicans fail controls

2013-07-14: First reactions to a day when first Asafa Powell then Tyson Gay failed doping controls. Amid defences of contamination, the picture of world sprinting…

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Men's elite field at the 2013 London Marathon

Pacing, fatigue and the brain. Lessons from London

2013-05-04: The 2013 London Marathon highlighted the importance of pacing strategy. The science of pacing, and thus fatigue, offers fascinating insights to the limits of…

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London 2013 Marathon

2013-04-19: In April 2013, I'll be in London at the invitation of the London Marathon, talking fatigue and covering the race. Here's what to…

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