A great running blog with science facts, from someone who knows

2007-07-16: About three years ago, I was attending a Sports Medicine and Science Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, and had dinner with a fairly large group, among…

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The Comrades Ultra Marathon

2007-07-14: Last week, we received an email from Alan, and he asked us to look at the following three performances from this year’s Comrades Marathon: I…

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Comrades marathon – some really fascinating questions

2007-07-08: Every once in a while, we get some absolute pearls from visitors to the blog. And this email, which we recieved yesterday evening, is an…

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Altitude training – the basics

2007-07-07: So I really struggle to come up with a decent post for today, felt like doing something on cycling again, now that Jorg Jaksche has…

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A comprehensive running link

2007-07-06: A while back, we did an analysis of the African and American marathon performances, and asked whether the Africans were really ‘unbeatable’? While looking up…

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Mens 10000m sydney 2000 olympics Haile Gebrselassie. Photo by Flickr user Ian @

The Ethiopian running dynasty

2007-06-30: About a month ago, we did a post questioning whether we were about to witness the of long distance running dominance. The jury is still…

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A different approach to running – really funny

2007-06-22: Here at the Science of Sport, we take a reasonably serious view on sport, since we try to analyse and dissect what goes into what…

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Comrades Marathon Start. Photo by Flickr user "Champagne for Monkeys"

The Comrades they don’t show on TV

2007-06-20: Today is our final look at the behind the scenes of the Comrades marathon, and as promised, we’ll have a look at some of the…

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Comrades Marathon 2007 – observations

2007-06-19: The other day Andrew from Cape Town visited us for the first time, and dropped off some very kind and constructive comments. In a brief…

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