Running Physiology

The Barefoot Kilimanjaro Challenge

2012-01-21: Only 3 days to go before I jet off to Kilimanjaro to tackle Africa’s highest summit, and the world’s highest free-standing mountain…barefoot… Let me start…

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The Barefoot running round-table discussion from UKSEM

2011-11-29: At the 2011 UKSEM conference, Ross chaired a roundtable on barefoot running. Here's what…

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Barefoot running – the safe neutral ground

2010-06-01: Thanks to everyone for the lively discussion on the .  It certainly stimulated much more debate than I could keep up with, especially while travelling…

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Barefoot running and injuries

2010-05-29: About four months ago, we did a lengthy series on barefoot running, which began with  looking at how habitual barefoot runners’ mechanics different from shod…

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Running barefoot vs shoes

2010-01-29: It’s been a rather frantic week, and I know there is a series on weight hanging in between Part 3 and Part 4.  I’m hoping…

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Running injuries expanded

2008-06-19: Yesterday, Jonathan did and specifically the common training error made by runners who tend to move from one injury to the next in their training!…

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How to prevent a running injury

2008-06-18: In a we posted on the shear dearth of training some runners race on. Incredibly there are runners out there who do hardly any training…

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Running technique: The Footstrike

2008-04-01: I’ve finally gotten around to this post, which is probably two weeks in the making, and it follows on from our recent series on running…

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Lessons from Two Oceans

2008-03-21: Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, and the state of the “industry” A rather “South African-centric” post today, but for those outside SA, please do read on,…

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