Running Physiology

Olympic great Haile Gebrselassie speaking at the Olympic hunger summit in Downing Street, 12 August 2012. Photo by Flickr user "Foreign and Commonwealth Office"

Haile Gebrselassie – “I can run 2:03, but I believe one day two hours will be broken”.

2007-10-03: In the last few days, we’ve and the of the magnificent marathon world record of Haile Gebrselassie in Berlin. In the aftermath of that race,…

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Running techniques – the same as Medical Products?

2007-09-28: Running techniques have been "packaged" and sold as products, not dissimilar to medicines. But they don't have the evidence, nor the safety guidelines that…

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Running technique Part IV

2007-09-28: In this final detailed post in our Running Technique series, we discuss some aspects of technique that may be beneficial, and where you should spend…

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A personal experience with Pose

2007-09-27: This has been a fantastic series and has generated many comments and much debate. We suspect this is because when you talk about something as…

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Running technique Part III

2007-09-27: What happens when running technique is taught? People assuming that it can improve performance and reduce injury risk, but the evidence is less clear. We…

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Running technique Part II

2007-09-26: In Part 2 of a series on running technique, we look at the biomechanical basis for Pose running, and contrast it to barefoot, Chi running…

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Running technique Part I

2007-09-25: An introduction to running technique, covering the promises made by Pose and Chi, as we build the picture around what the science says about the…

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Running technique – is there a ‘right’ way to run?

2007-09-24: We begin a series of articles looking at the science of running technique - is there a right way to run? This introduction sets the…

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