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Barefoot running and shoes Q & A Part 5

2010-03-17: The final instalment in a 5-part Q & A series on barefoot running. Today: innovation, the future and an ultimate…

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Barefoot running and shoes Q & A Part 4

2010-03-17: Part 4 of our barefoot Q & A, tackling cushioning, proprioception, the strength of the foot & 'intelligent' muscle…

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Barefoot running and shoes Q & A Part 3

2010-03-17: In this instalment of the barefoot Q & A, we discuss performance and injury implications, and belief around…

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Barefoot running and shoes Q & A Part 2

2010-03-16: We discuss the footstrike and the kinematic changes associated with barefoot…

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Barefoot running and shoes Q & A Part 1

2010-03-16: We kick off a 5-part Q & A series on all things barefoot and shod running. We start with a discussion of "natural" running, and…

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A short thought on sport: Evaluating Eliud. Is Kipchoge a next-gen 2:02 marathoner, or a mid-2:04 runner in a technologically superior shoe? Who knows?

2019-05-01: Eliud Kipchoge is a physiological marvel. The Nike Vaporfly is a technological marvel. Both improve marathon performance. Except these statements can't both be true, and…

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The pursuit of the sub-2 marathon: Where to next?

2017-05-08: Where do we go next? Now that Eliud Kipchoge has taken us to the brink of a sub-2 hour marathon, have the boundaries of…

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Eliud Kipchoge 2:00:25

2017-05-06: Eliud Kipchoge has run a marathon in 2:00:25, coming within sight of breaking the 2-hour barrier. How did he do it, and what might we…

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The sub-2 hour marathon attempt: The pacing strategy

2017-05-02: The Nike-Breaking 2 attempt will happen in Monza this weekend. I don't think a sub-2 is possible, but what will be fascinating is to…

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