Running shoes

Ban the Nike Vaporfly & other carbon fiber devices for future performance credibility

2017-03-21: Nike recently unveiled the Vaporfly Elite, the shoe it has been working on to help it break the 2-hour marathon barrier. The shoe incorporates a…

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2016 publications: From the armchair to the site, via these journals

2016-10-18: Much of what you read here on this site is my attempt to translate the research I'm interested in, and which can be applied to…

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The Vibram lawsuit, barefoot running and science perspectives

2014-05-15: Vibram Five Finger shoes were last week ordered to pay $3.75 million in a class action lawsuit settlement. What it means for the barefoot running…

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Barefoot running – the safe neutral ground

2010-06-01: Thanks to everyone for the lively discussion on the .  It certainly stimulated much more debate than I could keep up with, especially while travelling…

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Barefoot running and injuries

2010-05-29: About four months ago, we did a lengthy series on barefoot running, which began with  looking at how habitual barefoot runners’ mechanics different from shod…

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Running barefoot vs shoes

2010-01-29: It’s been a rather frantic week, and I know there is a series on weight hanging in between Part 3 and Part 4.  I’m hoping…

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Lessons from Two Oceans

2008-03-21: Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, and the state of the “industry” A rather “South African-centric” post today, but for those outside SA, please do read on,…

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Running shoes Part III

2008-03-18: The intelligent biomachine and implications for running Well, it’s been a week and a half, and an interruption of our series on Running Shoes thanks…

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Running shoes and injuries: Debate continued

2008-03-05: Yesterday, we did a , and whether the shoes which claim to reduce injury risk are in fact part of the problem! Thanks to everyone…

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