High performance management

Specialization, training volume and talent development

2011-04-07: Yesterday I started what I hope is an interesting and thought-provoking in young children.  I looked at a recent study of Danish elite and near-elite…

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Early vs Late Specialization: When should children specialize in sport?

2011-04-06: There is no single pathway to success in sport.  If there were, we wouldn’t be able to compare the stories of Chrissie Wellington, who discovered…

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Pressure points and performance: Choking and panic

2011-03-26: Cricket is not a sport that we’ve done a great deal of analysis of here on The Science of Sport. The irony is that the…

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An Olympic musical – why every millisecond matters

2010-03-01: Canada sits atop the Winter sporting world this morning, having claimed a record 14 gold medals in their home Olympic Games.  It’s a record for…

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The mental edge: Thoughts and opinions

2010-02-25: It’s been far too long between posts for me – I do apologize, but as Jonathan said in yesterday’s post, things have been rather frantic…

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The story of Alistair Cragg

2007-08-09: In the , I used the example of a runner called Sipho Ngomane to show how SA is losing out on potentially talented runners because…

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South Africa’s long distance failure

2007-08-09: In two previous posts, we have looked at by the cross-over of a group of speed merchants from the track, and then be the ,…

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Australia WC 2007 champions

Why are Australians so good at sport?

2007-04-29: An inferiority complex about Australia and sport is something uniquely South African (and perhaps Kiwi, too). In the light of a team that yesterday won…

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