Marketing and sponsorship

The Science of Sport: Now taking your research, and sending it to the “user”

2015-04-13: The average scientific paper in a journal is read by 10 people. That's not good enough - sports science must be more accessible. Therefore,…

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The 2-hour marathon and the 4-min mile

2014-12-16: A recently launched group plans to help runners go under 2 hours for the marathon in five years. is it feasible? For many reasons,…

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Navigating the thin ice of science translation

2013-10-17: The unnecessary polarization, selective filtering and oversimplification of science poses huge challenges for scientific translation. Thoughts on all…

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Knowledge marketing, and science’s losing battles

2013-06-24: Sports science, for all its virtues and values, is often overlooked or fails to inspire real change. That's in part, because it isn't 'marketed' well…

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The low-carb, high fat diet debate and deviant thinking

2013-02-17: Deviant thinking is a crucial driver of progress, but there's a point where it becomes extreme and unnecessarily polarizing. Balance and complexity are…

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Lance Armstrong and Zulle Alpe 1999

Sponsors overboard & a guest post on legalized doping, the Armstrong dilemma

2012-10-18: First thoughts as Lance Armstrong's sponsors rush to distance themselves from the disgraced…

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Vibram shoes named in lawsuit: The danger of barefoot running

2012-03-31: I received this link from a reader yesterday, which explains how Vibram USA Inc and Vibram FiveFingers LLC are part of a lawsuit where it…

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Snake-oils, supplements and the pinnacle of data presentation

2011-02-28: A big part of the reason for our existence at The Science of Sport is the clear and creative presentation and discussion of scientific subjects…

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Power balance, placebo and perceptions

2011-01-11: Last week a , whose holographic technology is supposed to “work with your body’s natural energy field”, “resonating and responding to the natural energy field”…

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