Lifetime bans for drug cheats?

2008-02-26: Should dopers be banned for life? Or is two years enough? Yesterday, we looked at , disgraced sprinter from Britain who served a two year…

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A drug conspiracy? Growth Hormone test

2008-02-08: How a potential test for growth hormone slipped through the cracks (and it’s possible rescue) Well, first off, apologies again for the long absence between…

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Beijing 2008 and doping

2008-01-08: Can Beijing 2008 possibly emerge untainted by doping? We doubt it… Two days ago, we did a post on some interesting news concerning the Beijing…

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The Mitchell Report at a glance

2007-12-17: Former Senate majority leader George Mitchell’s report on drug use in baseball was released on Friday afternoon, and sent the pundits and talking heads venting…

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Mitchell Report due today

2007-12-13: Eighteen months ago, former US Senator George Mitchell launched a probe into steroid use in baseball. The probe is the result of an unprecedented shake-up…

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The effect of EPO on performance

2007-11-07: It’s been a busy time for running posts here at the Science of Sport, with first the , the and then the dominating our recent…

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Drugs in sport – could it possibly be bigger than we thought?

2007-09-29: In a , we discussed three MAJOR doping stories of the last week, and how we seem apathetic to them. First, Floyd Landis was stripped…

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Drugs in sport – our apathy reveals the state of the sport

2007-09-29: Two days ago, we on running technique to bring you news of a massive steroid bust, named “Raw Deal“. Incredibly, this story barely reached South…

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Massive Steroid Operation Uncovered

2007-09-27: We interrupt this regularly scheduled series of posts on running technique for this breaking news… Last week the Drug Enforcement Administration of the USA wrapped…

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