Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

The physiology of the cold: Why might women out-‘survive’ men?

2018-04-19: Boston 2018 was one for the archives. A brutally cold, wet and windy day made for incredible, unpredictable elite races, and a whole lot…

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Kenyan runner’s dramatic finish. But is it an “insult” & “slavery”?

2014-05-01: A dramatic video of a Kenyan marathon runner staggering to the finish line sparked criticism and debate. I discuss the physiology & medical dilemma of…

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Melting in Melbourne: Thoughts on the heat

2014-01-16: Heat-induced collapses, retirements and capitulations finally forced Australian Open organizers to suspend play on Day 4 due to extreme heat. Amidst allegations of inhumane…

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Dangerous exercise: The hype of dehydration & heat-stroke

2013-01-11: When is exercise dangerous? How misleading advice is often worse than no advice at…

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Boston strikes back: The Boston 2012 meltdown

2012-04-16: Wesley Korir and Sharon Cherop have won the 2012 Boston Marathon for Kenya. Surprise names, perhaps (particularly Korir), but you might, at first glance, call…

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Chicago Marathon 2010: Heat and performance

2010-10-09: Just one day to go now before 10-10-10, as we continue our build up to Sunday.  Earlier this week we  in the marathon world, two of…

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Dear Sports Scientists: Will drinking fluids keep me cool?

2010-09-02: First, if you did not catch the NY Velocity interview with Ross, be sure to—Andy Shen and co do a great job over there and produce some excellent…

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Chris Solinsky – the fastest “big guy” ever

2010-05-05: The interesting stories are coming thick and fast just lately.  Too fast to post on, which is why we didn’t cover the story of Chris…

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Jonathan speaks: site origins and coach-science conflict

2009-10-09: I realised the other day that in the two and a half years that The Science of Sport has been running, very few of you have…

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