Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

No need to swallow?

2008-11-23: Once again, apologies for the absence – our posting frequency has fallen right off the charts, and we’re down to an embarassing one per week!…

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NYC preview and heatstroke wrap-up

2008-10-30: A look ahead at the New York City Marathon We’ve wrapped our heatstroke series now, thanks to everyone for questions, comments and stories. The series…

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Heatstroke continued

2008-10-29: Yesterday, in our second post on heatstroke, we introduced the concept that the attainment of a body temperature above 41 degrees Celsius is NOT POSSIBLE…

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Heat stroke dissected

2008-10-28: Continuing on from our post two days ago, we are looking at heatstroke, a condition where the body temperature rises above 41 degrees celsius (this…

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Heatstroke: Some interesting observations

2008-10-25: Heatstroke: The reality doesn’t fit with the perception One of the more interesting ways in which we can study physiology (especially during exercise), is to…

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Exercise in the Cold: Part II

2008-01-29: While we are all still thinking about the , we thought we would carry on with our series on exercise in the cold. Most of…

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Exercise in the Cold: Part I

2008-01-24: As promised (a while back, admittedly), today we kick off a series on exercise in the cold. A challenging one to write, mostly because most…

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Muscle Cramps: Part V

2007-12-03: We have now run the entire gamut in this series on cramps, and it has been quite a ride. This series generated the more reader…

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Sports drinks, sweat and electrolytes – part 2

2007-11-27: In the we introduced you to Randy, our imaginary 70 kg average male runner, and we created some potential scenarios regarding his fluid and sodium…

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