Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Fluid intake, dehydration and exercise: Part III

2007-10-21: Welcome back for Part III in this series on fluid intake and dehydration during exercise! Thus far we have examined a brief history of fluid…

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Fluid intake, dehydration and exercise: Part II

2007-10-17: Today sees the second post in our series on fluid intake, dehydration and exercise. Yesterday we looked at the history of fluid intake and how…

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Fluid intake, dehydration and exercise: Part I

2007-10-17: Today we begin our five part series on fluid intake during exercise. As discussed, we will look at this complex and somewhat controversial issue over…

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Fluid intake, dehydration and exercise: A new series of posts

2007-10-16: First let us say a big “Thank You” to everyone who has asked questions, posted comments, and contributed to the debates here at the Science…

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Investigating heatstroke

2007-10-10: Recent marathon running news has been dominated by the Chicago Marathon and the heat which forced the closure of the race at around 11h30. There…

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Exercise in the heat

2007-09-09: Craig Mottram was one of the “hot” (excuse the pun) favourites for the Men’s 5000m final at the recent IAAF World Championships in Athletics. As…

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How much should I drink during exercise

2007-05-20: One of our great interests is fluid replacement during exercise. In fact, Jonathan got his PhD looking specifically at this question, and my own work…

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