Sports Science

Sudden cardiac death in sport

2007-08-30: For the last week or so, we’ve focused exclusively on the IAAF World Champs in Osaka. But over the past few days, two very sad…

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Marathon Speed Chapter II

2007-08-07: So looking at how the track events, and in particular, the ‘golden era’ for track running of the mid-1990′s because the catalyst that has reshaped…

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Heart attack in Alberto Salazar – Coronary Artery disease?

2007-07-21: In our last post, we used the term heart attack, and were informed that this was incorrect, and should have been cardiac arrest – we…

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How to feed a cyclist

2007-07-18: Roll on more tour posts! Following the pre-Stage 15 prediction, we will keep the posts coming as thick and fast as the attacks we have…

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Altitude training – the basics

2007-07-07: So I really struggle to come up with a decent post for today, felt like doing something on cycling again, now that Jorg Jaksche has…

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Drugs work – but by how much?

2007-06-24: Performance enhancing substances – do they work? And by how much? It’s a relevant question, and I thought it would be good to have a…

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So you want to run a fast marathon?

2007-06-06: As the marathon record creeps slowly to Ross’s predicted 2:02, it is interesting to think about where the next world record might be run. Nearly…

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How much should I drink during exercise

2007-05-20: One of our great interests is fluid replacement during exercise. In fact, Jonathan got his PhD looking specifically at this question, and my own work…

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Selye Adaptation principle

Training programmes – the key principle of overload

2007-05-02: Are you in a situation where you have been training dilligently for a while now, but have stopped seeing results? Perhaps you are new to…

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