Mind over matter?

2009-01-13: Interesting times and debates over the last week, where we discussed the issue of nature vs. nurture. It stimulated a good response, and some divided…

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Speedo Swimsuit debate

2008-03-26: Yesterday, towards the end of the post, I mentioned that we’d leave the Speedo Swimsuit issue for a while, and pick it up again in…

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Speedo’s LZR racer swimsuit

2008-03-25: Thanks to all who have commented on yesterday’s post, which focused mainly on the newly developed swimsuit by Speedo, the LZR Racer. This suit is…

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Running Economy Part III

2007-12-14: Today sees the third and concluding part of our series on Running Economy. It’s been a whistle stop tour of a complex subject. We have…

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Running Economy Part II

2007-12-11: Today sees Part II of our series on Running Economy. After spending the first two posts and discussing the , today we move onto some…

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Running Economy Part I

2007-12-07: we introduced a new series, Running Economy, inspired by this study, which was published just last week in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. It…

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Running won’t save you from heart disease

2007-11-05: As we have mentioned in our , it has been a bad year for sudden death in athletes. Add to this two more cases that…

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Scientists engineer a “Lance Armstrong mouse”

2007-11-02: US scientists have successfully managed to ‘engineer’ a line of mice that display remarkable physical prowess and ability. In some English newspapers, it was referred…

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Post-Chicago analysis continued: One patient’s details

2007-10-12: The news media are slowing down a bit here in Chicago, but the questions still remain—and we are not talking about why the race ran…

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