Sudden Cardiac Death

Deaths during running: Is exercise safe? Part 2

2009-10-26: One of the best things about this site is that often it is a source of information for me as much as I hope it…

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Deaths during running: Is exercise safe? Part 1

2009-10-22: For those who have not heard or read the news, three runners died during the Detroit Marathon/Half-marathon last weekend.  All three were running the half-marathon, and were…

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Cardiac events during sport on TV

2009-06-21: If you’re reading this (or are a regular reader), then you’re probably also inclined to spend fairly large periods of time actually watching sport (and…

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Ryan Shay Autopsy

2008-03-09: In the last 4 months, everyone has waited patiently for the autopsy results of US runner Ryan Shay to be released. It was in November…

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Running won’t save you from heart disease

2007-11-05: As we have mentioned in our , it has been a bad year for sudden death in athletes. Add to this two more cases that…

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Ryan Shay Autopsy Results Inconclusive

2007-11-05: More detailed posts and insights on Ryan Shay and sudden death during exercise: – article published within the first hours of Shay’s death – performances…

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Sudden death during exercise

2007-11-05: Over the last few days, the world of sport and running in particular have been dominated by the New York Marathon, and the untimely and…

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Ryan Shay: What might have caused his death?

2007-11-03: Earlier today, we brought you a very abridged summary of today’s US Olympic Trials marathon in New York. The race was won by new US…

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Ryan Shay: 1979 – 2007

2007-11-03: The USA today decided on its three-man marathon team they will send to Beijing in 2008, but the tragic news from the Olympic trials in…

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