Sudden Cardiac Death

Chicago Marathon 2007 death

2007-10-25: In the last few weeks, we have run a series of posts investigating the events of the 30th Chicago Marathon, where record high temperatures caused…

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Post-Chicago analysis continued: One patient’s details

2007-10-12: The news media are slowing down a bit here in Chicago, but the questions still remain—and we are not talking about why the race ran…

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Chad Schieber death in the 2007 Chicago Marathon

2007-10-08: The medical examiner’s office has announced the results of the autopsy performed on Chad Schieber, who died during Sunday’s Chicago Marathon. Schieber had a heart…

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Death at the Chicago Marathon 2007

2007-10-08: Yesterday, we featured a race analysis on the 2007 Chicago Marathon, which featured two of the most amazing finishes in marathon history. However, the spectacular…

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Sudden cardiac death in sport

2007-08-30: For the last week or so, we’ve focused exclusively on the IAAF World Champs in Osaka. But over the past few days, two very sad…

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Heart attack in Alberto Salazar – Coronary Artery disease?

2007-07-21: In our last post, we used the term heart attack, and were informed that this was incorrect, and should have been cardiac arrest – we…

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