Talent vs training

2014 Wrap Part 1: Week by week musings

2014-12-29: A look back at 2014, using my weekly "Times" newspaper column to cover some of the biggest sporting stories and their management and scientific…

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A stragetic and tactical talent management perspective: The viable athlete

2014-12-01: The identification and management of talent is primarily a strategic and tactical function. Too often it is approached as operational, the what and how…

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The rise of Kenya

2014-03-07: The marathon has seen an extra-ordinary explosion in quality and quantity over the last 20 years. Its epicenter is Kenya. I look at…

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What is talent? Your definitions and thoughts from David Epstein

2013-11-18: What is talent? I asked, you answered, and here are the Top 5 definitions, as judged by writer David Epstein, along with his thoughts…

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What is talent? Be heard on The Science of Sport, and win a dinner with David Epstein and me

2013-11-13: Your chance to win a dinner with best-selling author David Epstein and Ross, and also to be heard on The Science of Sport. All…

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The Kenyan success genetic controversy

2013-04-13: Is Kenya's distance running success genetic or environmental? The polarization of this question and debate is an oversimplification. We look at the complex interaction,…

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Long-term athlete development

2013-02-12: LTAD is a buzzword in High Performance sports systems. Conceptually and practically, it has some important challenges, discussed…

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10,000 hours vs training debate

2012-03-01: A debate between Ross and Anders Ericsson, father of the deliberate practice theory, and genetic influence…

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Sports Science 2011: Talent vs training and Oscar P

2011-11-24: So yesterday was Day 1 of the fantastic UKSEM conference in London. I gave a presentation on Sports Science in 2011, and that presentation is…

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