Talent vs training

Training, talent, 10000 hours and the genes

2011-08-11: An overview of the importance of genetic factors in determining sport, leading to the definition that training is nothing more than the realization of genetic…

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Talent, training and performance: The secrets of success

2011-08-09: The 10000 hour theory of deliberate practice for expert performance has gained traction in recent years.  Here is why it is flawed, and potentially misleading…

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Specialization, training volume and talent development

2011-04-07: Yesterday I started what I hope is an interesting and thought-provoking in young children.  I looked at a recent study of Danish elite and near-elite…

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Early vs Late Specialization: When should children specialize in sport?

2011-04-06: There is no single pathway to success in sport.  If there were, we wouldn’t be able to compare the stories of Chrissie Wellington, who discovered…

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Nature vs nurture

2009-01-07: Of the many debatable issues in sport (or in life, for that matter), few are as “unanswerable” as the issue of nature vs. nurture, the notion…

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The Matthew Effect Part 2

2009-01-06: Yesterday, I did a , as applied to sports performance and talent Identification. Briefly, it refers to the phenomenon where a disproportionate number of elite…

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The Matthew Effect

2009-01-05: The first post of 2009 is inspired by a book I read over the break – Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. One of the very first things I…

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