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21 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

Altitude: Arriving and adapting

In the last few posts, I’ve been looking at the .  It’s an impact that extends beyond the simple “less oxygen” argument, because there are effects on the flight of the ball.  However, we’ve looked primarily at how the player’s physiology may be affected, and how this might impact on their performance. The logical question […]

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17 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

Altitude performance implications

Yesterday I did a  on performance at the 2010 Football World Cup.  What I didn’t do in that altitude post is discuss how the altitude might affect performance – the application of the physiology.  And so here is a follow-up to share some thoughts on whether the altitude will affect what you see during this […]

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07 Jul 2007 Posted in Running/Training theories

Altitude training – the basics

So I really struggle to come up with a decent post for today, felt like doing something on cycling again, now that Jorg Jaksche has admitted to doping and suggested it is pervasive in the peloton. For some classic quotes, have a look at this article. The most telling this is the reaction of the […]

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