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26 Jul 2013 Posted in Doping in Cycling/Sports management

On performance analysis: Common sense, guided

Performance analysis is never 100% definitive, but it guides understanding. Here's why choosing blindness just because 20/20 isn't on offer is a foolish response for cycling's followers

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09 Jul 2013 Posted in 2013 Tour de France/Doping in Cycling

Healthy skepticism, dealing with doping and denial

Skepticism is an essential part of cycling's quest to regain the trust of its followers. Here's why

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Tour 2013 rest day: Pondering the unanswerables with physiological implications

Chris Froome's near-record ascent of Ax-3-Domaines asks some challenging physiological questions. Proof is impossible, but the implications warrant consideration.

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Clean performances to surpass doped performances?

A brief look at the the effect of doping on performance, with a view to predicting when, if ever, a clean performance will surpass a doped one

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Froome’s non-published TDF power output: Noise for ‘pseudoscientists’?

Team Sky have refused to publish their cyclist's power outputs for fear of misinterpretation by "pseudoscientists". Does he have a point, or is transparency better in all circumstances?

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The Power of the Tour de France 2013: Performance analysis groundwork


The 2013 Tour de France gets underway this weekend, and in preparation for our analysis, I explain the principles and concepts behind analysing Tour mountain performances.

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A minimalism/ barefoot fad and inconsequential footstrikes?

Was the barefoot and minimalist running 'explosion' just a fad? Recent stats from the shoe industry suggest a decline. Here's why it's more likely a "sustainable niche", along with more caution on extremism and advocacy.

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Pacing, fatigue and the brain. Lessons from London

Men's elite field at the 2013 London Marathon

The 2013 London Marathon highlighted the importance of pacing strategy. The science of pacing, and thus fatigue, offers fascinating insights to the limits of performance and the 2-hour marathon

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13 Apr 2013 Posted in African running/Talent vs training

The Kenyan success genetic controversy

Is Kenya's distance running success genetic or environmental? The polarization of this question and debate is an oversimplification. We look at the complex interaction, and why genes can't be discounted

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