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26 Oct 2009 Posted in Sports management

Coaching and science: Asset or liability

As promised, today begins a series of posts on coaching and science, and how the science can be, should be, and sometimes is, and often is not, applied to athlete preparation. Obviously, it comes with an endurance focus, but there’s no reason why sprint coaches and team sport coaches can also not glean some information from […]

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03 Oct 2007 Posted in Cricket

Cricket – Twenty20 “fallout”

The Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is now a thing of the past, seeming to have departed as quickly as it came, and as rapidly as a ball off Yuvraj’s bat over a mid-wicket boundary. The game continues to battle its way through the complexity of what this new and (potentially) improved version of the game […]

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02 May 2007 Posted in Training theories

Training programmes – the key principle of overload

Selye Adaptation principle

Are you in a situation where you have been training dilligently for a while now, but have stopped seeing results? Perhaps you are new to this training thing and you haven’t really got much idea of how to go about constructing your training programme? Or you find that as soon as you try to do […]

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