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25 Jul 2014 Posted in 2014 Tour de France/Doping in Cycling

The physiology at the front of the Tour

The physiological implications of performance are explained in this article. They show plausibility, within historical contexts, but also compel the same questions to be asked of the sport.

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Early vs Late Specialization: When should children specialize in sport?

There is no single pathway to success in sport.  If there were, we wouldn’t be able to compare the stories of Chrissie Wellington, who discovered her remarkable talent late in life but went on to dominate IronMan Triathlon within a few years, to that of another endurance athlete, say Floyd Landis, who began cycling at […]

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14 Mar 2011 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

The Central Governor and the Athlete’s Clock: Pacing and performance

Jonathan came across the video below earlier today.  Now, I must confess that I had never heard of the speaker, a Dr Thomas Rowland.  Nor have I had the opportunity to read the book about which he speaks in this interview, called “The Athlete’s Clock“.  But the concept grabbed my attention immediately, because as you […]

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27 Nov 2010 Posted in Physiology

The limit of human performance: How much faster?

Today we revisit a topic that seems to run like carousel, popping up once every few months on the site – how much faster can human beings run? How close to a “ceiling” in performance are we? The latest discussion is inspired by a few articles, and a recent round-table discussion between some of the […]

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25 Feb 2010 Posted in High performance management

The mental edge: Thoughts and opinions

It’s been far too long between posts for me – I do apologize, but as Jonathan said in yesterday’s post, things have been rather frantic for both of us.  And seem likely to continue, but (fortunately, I guess), I’m recovering from jet-lag and a round-the-world trip which has me waking up at 4am, so I […]

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21 Jan 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

IOC calls for treatment in sex ambiguity cases

I thought I’d interrupt the weight management series for a day to cover very briefly the news being reported out of Miami, where a panel of medical experts met to discuss the complexities around gender verification. The meeting, convened by the IOC in response to the huge controversy over Caster Semenya’s win in the IAAF […]

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26 Oct 2009 Posted in Sports management

Coaching and science: Asset or liability

As promised, today begins a series of posts on coaching and science, and how the science can be, should be, and sometimes is, and often is not, applied to athlete preparation. Obviously, it comes with an endurance focus, but there’s no reason why sprint coaches and team sport coaches can also not glean some information from […]

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22 Oct 2009 Posted in Sudden Cardiac Death

Deaths during running: Is exercise safe? Part 1

For those who have not heard or read the news, three runners died during the Detroit Marathon/Half-marathon last weekend.  All three were running the half-marathon, and were aged 26, 36 and 65.  The three collapsed within 16 minutes of each other during the race.  The timing, the wide spread of ages, and the fact that three deaths […]

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16 Oct 2009 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Ross speaks: Fatigue and the brain

Anticipatory regulation of exercise Apologies for the delay in posting after my lecture last week at UIC – the Chicago Marathon came and went, and since then, travels have taken too much time to post properly. However, what I’ve done below is post segments of that talk, which was titled “Limits to exercise performance: World records, […]

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