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02 Sep 2010 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Dear Sports Scientists: Will drinking fluids keep me cool?

First, if you did not catch the NY Velocity interview with Ross, be sure to—Andy Shen and co do a great job over there and produce some excellent interviews.  Their site is a must read for any serious or enthusiastic cyclist, whether or not they reside in NYC. Back in June I was very fortunate to present two […]

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16 Oct 2009 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Ross speaks: Fatigue and the brain

Anticipatory regulation of exercise Apologies for the delay in posting after my lecture last week at UIC – the Chicago Marathon came and went, and since then, travels have taken too much time to post properly. However, what I’ve done below is post segments of that talk, which was titled “Limits to exercise performance: World records, […]

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12 Dec 2008 Posted in 2008/2008

Top 8 of ’08: Number 6

Number 6 on our Top 8 of ’08 takes us back to Beijing to look a little more closely at Sammy Wanjiru’s remarkable marathon victory in Beijing. If you needed any reminder of it, Wanjiru became Kenya’s first Olympic Marathon champion (in itself an incredible fact given the Kenyan dominance over marathon running) by scorching his […]

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29 Oct 2008 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Heatstroke continued

Yesterday, in our second post on heatstroke, we introduced the concept that the attainment of a body temperature above 41 degrees Celsius is NOT POSSIBLE due solely to environmental conditions, which is how you’ve probably always been told to think of it. We explained how body temperature is a function of heat loss and heat […]

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28 Oct 2008 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Heat stroke dissected

Continuing on from our post two days ago, we are looking at heatstroke, a condition where the body temperature rises above 41 degrees celsius (this cut-off is somewhat arbitrary, it has to be said, at least in the exercise literature). In that post, we introduced some of the paradoxes of heatstroke. The classic teaching on […]

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25 Oct 2008 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Heatstroke: Some interesting observations

Heatstroke: The reality doesn’t fit with the perception One of the more interesting ways in which we can study physiology (especially during exercise), is to observe it when it fails. Take for example the Calvin and Hobbes equivalent of “failure physiology”: Calvin (the young boy, for those who haven’t discovered Calvin and Hobbes) asks his […]

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28 May 2008 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Fatigue and Exercise: Part V

Continued discussion on how the brain regulates exercise intensity during exercise in the heat

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21 May 2008 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Fatigue and Exercise: Part IV

A discussion of research that shows that smaller athletes pace themselves differently from larger athletes in hot, but not cool conditions. This suggests some kind of anticipatory regulation of pacing strategy

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12 May 2008 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Fatigue and Exercise: Part III

Exercise in the heat provides a great model to investigate fatigue. An old, then a new theory, to explain exercise in the heat have revealed which systems fail with hyperthermia, and which may be regulated

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